999 Scribbles venturing to find their way to the ScribbleVerse — a world beyond the pages, where nothing is perfect, and creativity is endless…

We believe the strongest long-term communities start by building relationships and a like-minded space. Our first goal is to foster a space for the Scribbles community and to keep on building! Scribbles represent a place that is not confined by any boundaries, that empowers creatives and dreamers to draw outside of the lines. We are strong believers of underpromise and over-delivery. The scribble team has so much more planned and we cannot wait for you to be a part of the Scribbles movement! The ScribbleVerse awaits...

We are THE EHRET TWINS, more specifically Jake and Josh Ehret. We are multidisciplinary artists, from a small town in Vermont, who have been drawing, painting, and creating for our whole lives. Scribbles is a world we have brought to life that empowers those who want to create and express their imaginative side.

Drawing, coloring ... and scribbling.


All types of music, especially the kind that goes
la la la la la na na na na na.

A scribble is the perfect life form, not confined by any outlines.


Each Scribble is generated from over 175+ hand-drawn traits. There are 12 1 of 1 art pieces to be found in the collection!
There are 7 scribble types:

Classic Scribble

Sharp Scribble

Cyclonic Scribble

Permanent Marker Scribble

Rare Erased Scribble

Extra Rare Fuzzy Scribble

Super-Duper Ultra Rare Alien Scribble